Brokerage and OTC Services

CRYPTALGO offers both buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies an innovative, quick and efficient way of conducting Brokerage and Over-The-Counter (“OTC”) deals. CRYPTALGO’s trading desk is utilizing a crypto trading gateway designed to perform secure execution of high volume deals for institutional firms, miners, family offices and high-net-worth private traders seeking to buy or sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

The team, comprises qualified bankers and traders with strong institutional background and is committed to provide clients with the best performance and service. Its operation follows these four core values:

  • Discretion

  • Security

  • Reliability

  • Integrity

Furthermore, the Company’s KYC/AML guidelines are applicable for remittance and our financial services follow regulations and compliance under the relevant jurisdiction.

best execution

CRYPTALGO execution method allows crypto investors or traders to trade at market price instead of having to settle for discounted or inflated prices that are typical for large transactions. This can be done by utilizing CRYPTALGO’s OEMS, which is directly connected to multiple exchanges, and thanks to its sophisticated algorithms that can achieve best execution.

The Company’s expert team will work together with the client to define the optimal execution strategy designed to achieve maximal liquidity and minimal slippage according to the deal size and market conditions (i.e. market current liquidity and volatility, trends, etc.). Strategies can range from slow methodologies such as VWAP or TWAP all the way to aggressive methodologies for immediate execution across multiple exchanges.

Why you should use CRYPTALGO’s Brokerage Services?

CRYPTALGO’s Offering


Broker/Dealer Services

Institutional SuperExchange and Tech licensing

  • Institutional-grade Order Execution Management System
  • OTC, Broker/Dealer Services

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Indexes, ETFs, ETNs & Other Instruments

Arbitrage Funds (Alpha Focus) Based on our Algotrader

  • Institutional arbitrage fund (alpha focused) based on CRYPTALGO’s ALGOTRADER
  • Variety of Investment products ETFs/ETNs, indices and other derivatives (such as options, futures and swaps)
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Cryptalgo Galaxy Trading Backbone
  • Extremely low-latency, decentralized, proprietary architecture connecting multiple crypto exchanges, currently covering 80% of the market (and growing).
  • Highly Secured – A specialized set of security components are designed to keep the Galaxy safe with automated self securing protocols.
  • Offering a set of proprietary and FIX institutional grade APIs
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