Michael Huttman appointed chairman of the Advisory Board

// ZUG, SWITZERLAND, January 10, 2018 //

CRYPTALGO HOLDINGS AG (“CRYPTALGO”), a company focused on cryptocurrency algotrading and highend cryptocurrency brokerage services to financial institutions, announced today that Michael Huttman was appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board of CRYPTALGO.

Michael is an entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the institutional investment management industry. He has been participating in early stage Fintech investing and is active in the Digital Asset Management space. He founded MILLENNIUM GLOBAL INVESTMENTS LTD in 1994, and is serving as its Executive Chairman. Based in London, MILLENNIUM manages over $18 Billion, providing active Currency Overlay and Currency Risk Mitigation strategies to large institutional investors around the world. Michael is recognized as one of the pioneers of that industry with over 30 years’ experience in macrocurrency investing.

Previously, Michael was hired by GOLDMAN SACHS in 1990 to help start up their International Asset Management business (GSAM) office in London. He had global responsibility for the managed currency business and headed Goldman’s International Asset Allocation Committee. Prior to 1990, Michael spent seven years with J.P. MORGAN (Morgan Guaranty Trust) in New York, London and Zurich, where he became JP Morgan’s Investment Management’s first dedicated head of the currency overlay business. Michael was also a member of the Executive Committee of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. From 1980 to 2001, Michael remained involved with the organization of the World Economic Forum’s DAVOS SYMPOSIUM.

Francisco Portillejo Hoyos, CEO of CRYPTALGO, stated, “We are delighted that Michael is joining CRYPTALGO as Chairman of the Advisory Committee. Michael is one of the most experienced and sophisticated currency investors around the globe, and his addition will provide CRYPTALGO with a wealth of knowledge that is highly relevant to building a first-class institutional-grade cryptocurrency algotrading and brokerage services company.”

CRYPTALGO HOLDINGS AG is focused on cryptocurrency algotrading and high-end cryptocurrency brokerage services and products to financial institutions. For more on CRYPTALGO, please visit www.cryptalgo.com.

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