John Winter appointed to CRYPTALGO’s Advisory Board

// ZUG, SWITZERLAND, January 28, 2018 //

CRYPTALGO HOLDINGS AG (“CRYPTALGO”), a company focused on cryptocurrency algotrading and highend cryptocurrency brokerage services to financial institutions, announced today that John Winter has joined its Advisory Board.

John is an experienced banker with a track record spanning over three decades of successfully building and running corporate and investment banking businesses in most geographies around the world, as well as running retail banking in several developing countries. He is a licensed broker in both the US and UK, and is an active investor in early stage Fin-Tech and Sustainable Technology companies. He began his investment banking career in 1985 on the Debt Capital Markets (DCM) desk at Merrill Lynch in New York after graduating from Carleton College. He obtained an MBA from New York University at night while working at Merrill. In 1992 he moved to London to build Merrill’s DCM business in Germany.

In 1996 he moved to Deutsche Bank (DB) in London as Head of European DCM. During his tenure Deutsche became the #1 ranked bond underwriter and received IFR’s prestigious Bond House of the Year award in January 2001. He joined Barclays in August 2001 as European Head of Investment Banking. Barclays also became the top bond underwriter and received IFR’s Bond House of the Year award in January 2010. From 2010 to June 2016 he was Global CEO of Corporate Banking at Barclays. During his time as CEO of Corporate Banking, Barclays Corporate Bank went from being a money losing business to a highly profitable business.

Francisco Portillejo Hoyos, CEO of CRYPTALGO, stated, “We are very pleased that John is joining CRYPTALGO as Chief Advisor, Global Financial Services. John’s experience and knowledge in the financial markets will greatly assist CRYPTALGO to further expedite its growth and become a first-class institutional-grade cryptocurrency algotrading and brokerage services and products company.”


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