Ed Mount appointed to CRYPTALGO’S Advisory Board

// ZUG, SWITZERLAND, May 2, 2018 //

CRYPTALGO HOLDINGS AG (“CRYPTALGO”), a company focused on cryptocurrency algotrading and high-end cryptocurrency brokerage services to financial institutions, announced today that Ed Mount was appointed Chief Advisor, Trading Technologies at CRYPTALGO.

Ed Mount is Co-Founder of Elysium Technology Group, a market leader in FX risk management and post-trade processing systems designed for financial institutions. Previously, Ed held senior positions with several of the world’s largest investment banks, including Managing Director and Global Head of Electronic FX Trading at both Nomura and Royal Bank of Scotland, and Global Head of Commodities and Precious Metals for UBS and Swiss Bank Corporation. He also was a co-founding partner and portfolio manager with Elysium Capital Group from 2001-2007.

Ed’s specialties include automated database technologies, including distributed ledgers/blockchain and their application to foreign exchange, futures and cryptocurrency trading, risk management and workflow processing. Ed holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and attended the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago.

Francisco Portillejo Hoyos, CEO of CRYPTALGO, stated, “It is a great privilege for CRYPTALGO to have Ed joining as Chief Advisor, Trading Technologies. Ed’s vast experience and knowledge in both traditional financial markets trading technologies as well as his expansion to crypto trading will greatly assist CRYPTALGO in designing and building first-class institutional-grade cryptocurrency algotrading and brokerage products and services”.

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