Asset management solutions

CRYPTALGO is developing its institutional-grade investment products such as The ALGOTRADER, a global arbitrage algotrading system which will be provided in the form of a fund, as well as investments products such as ETNs, ETFs and Index products, all of which could be white-labeled by financial institutions and sold to their broad retail market under their own brands.


The ALGOTRADER is an alpha-focused investment product being developed as the core of our asset management offering.

The ALGOTRADER is designed to take advantage of the Galaxy backbone’s low latency and super-fast trade execution, in order to perform global arbitrage algorithmic trading and capture low-risk, high-return alpha-only (market neutral) trading opportunities in multiple cryptocurrencies and arbitrage strategies.

As an alpha-focused investment product (offered as a fund), The ALGOTRADER value proposition for institutional investors is compelling. Through the ALGO token, CRYPTALGO is making this institutional-grade investment product accessible to individuals (retail) as well, enabling them for the first time ever to invest shoulder-to-shoulder with, and on the same level as institutional investors.

Why you should use CRYPTALGO’s Asset
Management Services?

CRYPTALGO’s Offering


Broker/Dealer Services

Institutional SuperExchange and Tech licensing

  • Institutional-grade Order Execution Management System
  • OTC, Broker/Dealer Services

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Indexes, ETFs, ETNs & Other Instruments

Arbitrage Funds (Alpha Focus) Based on our Algotrader

  • Institutional arbitrage fund (alpha focused) based on CRYPTALGO’s ALGOTRADER
  • Variety of investment products ETFs/ETNs, indices and other derivatives (such as options, futures and swaps)
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Cryptalgo Galaxy Trading Backbone
  • Extremely low-latency, decentralized, proprietary architecture connecting multiple crypto exchanges, currently covering 80% of the market (and growing).
  • Highly Secured – a specialized set of security components are designed to keep the Galaxy safe with automated self securing protocols.
  • Offering a set of proprietary and FIX institutional grade APIs
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